Twitter Rebrands to X, Threads Decline, and the Rise of Girl Dinner

AdTalk by AdClass - Episode 12

One normal day of marketing. All we ask. Will never happen.

The human riddle-wrapped-in-a-mystery-inside-an-enigma that is Elon Musk decided to let the bluebird fly the cage by rebranding Twitter to X (1:55). All the while, Threads (Meta’s competitor to X (ugh seriously)) struggled to maintain it’s record-breaking pace as post-launch engagement fell by 70% (13:30)! The battle between Elon and Zuckerberg rolls on…

In other news, a potentially industry-changing meeting went down at the White House to put safeguards around AI development (21:59), Popeyes jumped on the “girl dinner” trend on TikTok with some genius viral marketing (29:50), and Barbenheimer showed there’s plenty of life left in the movie industry (39:38) while Netflix showed there’s plenty of life left in streaming too (47:27).

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