Updates Now Effective in New Hyros Patch Notes

Including API Updates and Integrations

Hyros just announced it’s latest round of updates to go live on the market-leading ad tracking and sales attribution software. Check out the patch notes below for the new features you can take advantage of!

API Updates

The following API updates are now active:

  • Users can now mark calls as disqualified via the API.
  • Users can now update their existing sales and calls via the API, and mark sales as recurring or refunded.
  • New source link and ad retrieval endpoints have been implemented to export source data from a Hyros account.
  • Improvements have been made to the API documentation regarding important errors on all endpoints.

Filtering Shopify Sales by Sales Channel

Inside the Shopify Integration, you will now see the option to configure the sales channels from which you want to receive events from. This is useful if you would like to stop receiving events from a specific channel for any reason. 

You can configure this filter by following the prompts in your Shopify store integration here:

Direct Integration for Calls with Acuity

The direct integration for Acuity will now allow you to send calls to Hyros directly via the integration. This will create more accurate call tracking for Acuity users. 

If you are already integrated with Acuity and wish to track calls via the integrations, you will need to re-integrate.

Please ensure all of the proper steps are followed from the Acuity guide in order to track calls correctly with the integration.

Exporting of Purchase Emails

Before this update, Hyros always exported the email that was attributed to the sale inside Hyros when exporting lists of sales. This meant that when a lead used multiple emails throughout their journey, Hyros would always export the original email and not the email the lead actually purchased with. 

Now, you can configure exports to export purchases with the purchase email. This way you can more accurately compare Hyros data with your internal data, which will often show purchase emails as well. 

Other Minor Updates

Also part of the update is a new widget available in the Quick Reports dashboard that allows you to view unique sales as a separate widget in your dashboard.

Lastly, Hyros have released a “tag prefix” selector when generating sales rules, which will allow you to much more easily select multiple tags at once based on a common prefix. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about Hyros, or other ways AdClass can help your marketing efforts, let’s talk! We can answer any questions you may have and show why we so strongly recommend Hyros as the best option for any business looking to optimize their marketing campaigns.


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