Huge New Hyros Updates Are Now Live

Including Calendly Integration and Improved URL Rule Customizations

Direct Integration with Calendly

Hyros have added a direct integration to optimize call tracking accuracy for users with Calendly.

This integration is replacing the default URL rule that is used to track calls (if both are used at the same time this will result in duplicate calls). 

For more information and instruction on how to implement the integration, click here.

URL Rule Source Customizations

When creating a URL rule in the advanced settings, you will now be able to set a dynamic source and category parameter. That way you can adjust the traffic source and category of any source created by the URL rule (without having to make any manual adjustments).

By default, the source will be created using “UTM_Source” providing that this UTM is present in the URL click. This will only work when creating new sources; if the source already exists inside Hyros then the traffic source or category will not be changed.

For more information, click here.

Ignored Sources Now Appear in a Separate Row

Previously, when choosing to ignore organic sources or ad sources in a report, that would also mean ignoring any sales that were attributed to the sales in the report. 

Moving forward, even with ignored organic sources or ignored ad sources, sales will now be shown attributed back to the ignored sources in a separate row.

See the image below for how this will appear: 

CSV Export for Geo Location Reports

To bring report types into alignment, you can now export Geo Location reports to a CSV file to view sales data based on location. 

Click here for instructions on how to export reports.

Other Minor Updates

  • There is now the ability to view Hyros data inside of the Bing/Microsoft ads manager when viewed on Chrome.
  • You can now view unique sales in a total sales report (also, inside the unique sales widget on the dashboard, you will be able to expand the widget to load a total sales report).
  • Now, you can include the date the source was applied when exporting source data. This will allow you to further customize attribution in your own internal systems.
  • There is now an option to toggle off or on subscription renewal for the Woocommerce subscription plug in.
  • A new integration has been created for Paypal labelled “Paypal Webhooks” which will eventually replace the Paypal legacy integration.

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