How To Write, Film and Edit a Video Ad

Using Your Phone AND in Less Than 10 Minutes

If you are trying to get an ad recorded, but you don’t have expensive equipment, a fancy camera, a decent microphone or a video editor, there is an app that can do 99.9% of the work for you.

It’s called ‘Captions‘, and this will make creating a video ad unbelievably easy and at a fraction of the cost for hiring professional work (and for free to start with). Go ahead and download that app.

Writing Your Ad Script

The first thing that you need to do is type up a quick ad script. For the purpose of this example, let’s say you’re creating a video advertising for teaching people how to play the guitar, and the call-to-action for the ad is getting people to download an ebook on how to start playing the guitar.

So after the script is complete, make sure that script is on your phone (if you wrote the script on a computer, email or text message that script to your phone) and then copy the script text.

Now open the Captions app, tap the ‘create’ button, hit the teleprompter option that shows up on the screen and paste the script in. Once that’s done, you’re ready to record! The app will display the script on screen like a teleprompter so you don’t have to try to memorize it. As stress free as possible.

Recording Your Ad

When you tap ‘record’ a countdown will begin. Once the countdown stops, the app will start recording and show the script on screen for you to read as it records. So go ahead and record!

Once you’re finished, snag it by clicking the complete button to save it. And that’s basically it!

Editing and Uploading Your Ad

Now it will give you two options before processing the final video. One option is called ‘auto-split’, which cuts out blank spots or pauses to keep the video tighter and faster. The other option is the ‘auto-curse filter’, which censors any cuss words used if you used any.

Next, choose the caption language, and once that’s chosen it will start uploading. It’s gonna take a couple of seconds to process.

Now that’s finished, you can customize the captions to make sure that everything is on brand, from font and color to any emoji settings.

As far as formatting goes, the square aspect ratio is one of the most versatile formats that you can use. Large formats might limit you to just stories or reels, but square is typically the format you can use the most across platforms.

Finally, tap save and export option, which will send your video straight to your phone’s camera roll.

So to sum up, we scripted, filmed and edited this ad in around ten minutes or so. In very little time, we’ve got a great ad with captions that look super clean, feels professionally edited, and most importantly is ready to be shared immediately or uploaded to the relevant ad channels.

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