How to Connect Adveronix with Google Sheets

Or Sync Any Online Business Suite Platform

Struggling to connect your online business suite platform with Google Sheets and feed data in from that platform to Google Sheets? This simple walkthrough will have you up and running in no time.

For this tutorial, we’ll be working with Adveronix.

Connecting the Data and Creating Auto-Updating Reports

For the sake of example, let’s say the goal is to pull data from Facebook and import into a Google Sheet to create a data studio dashboard in order to visualize that data.

  1. In the Google Sheet, click Extensions > Add-Ons > Get Add-Ons.
  2. Search for the software you intend to use (in our case, Adveronix) and install.
  3. Once installed, go back into the Extensions menu and launch Adveronix. From here, login to your account and click Connect.
  4. Once the software is connected to the Sheet, a sidebar should appear on the right of the screen with app options. For our walkthrough, click the Facebook app and select the ad account for the data pull target.
  5. Next, select Breakdown. This will determine the data to be pulled (our example will be Day) and adjust the date range (for example, create a custom range to pull data for one specific week, month, year etc.). You will also need to check that the correct Sheet tab is selected for where the import will occur.
  6. Now, include the other fields of data to be imported (e.g. amount spent, impressions, CTR, whatever your goal is).
  7. Finally, click Get Data. Now the data should be reflecting live in the relevant Sheet tab.
  8. Once the data has been pulled, now you can set up auto-updates by clicking the Reports tab in the Adveronix sidebar. Select the relevant report of the target data pulled, click Schedule and Enable Scheduling.
  9. Here you will set up the cadence of when the report will be updated (e.g. every day around midnight). Once set, click OK.

And that’s it! Now your data will automatically update with your chosen parameters at the cadence set (on the rare occasion things aren’t launching properly, check this documentation from Adveronix for further help). 

Need more help getting things connected, or don’t know where to start with data analytics? Let’s talk!

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