AI Tools: What, How, and When to Use Our Favorites

Revolutionizing the Marketing Landscape


In case you’ve been living under a rock recently, we are officially in a new age of the advertising world (if not the wider world in general). As consumer behavior has shifted alongside technological advances, the tools at a marketer’s disposal have adapted to meet these changes. Artificial intelligence has emerged as a game-changer in this arena, offering an array of tools that streamline processes, enhance creativity, and drive better results. In this article, we delve into the power of some of our favorite AI tools for advertising and marketing needs, exploring how they are reshaping the landscape and how you can utilize them to improve your own productivity, analysis, or marketing efforts.

ChatGPT - Talk to the Singularity

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is an advanced AI language model that excels in generating human-like text and engaging in dynamic conversations. This versatile tool is a game-changer in marketing, as it enables businesses to create personalized and interactive experiences for their customers. By utilizing ChatGPT, marketers can establish a more direct and immediate connection with their audience, offering real-time assistance, recommendations, and information.

We like to use ChatGPT to aid in content creation by generating ideas, outlines, or even entire drafts of blog posts, social media updates, and other written materials. Of course, the big pay-off here is how this is used to save time and brainstorm fresh content ideas, which can then be refined and adapted for specific channels. That said, always use ChatGPT (or any AI-generated copy) as a basis for work rather than the end product itself. As AI tools become more prevalent, platforms are in turn developing ways to detect AI-generated content and penalize against in favor of human-made content, as well as consumers becoming increasingly skeptical about the origins of content they are exposed to. Nothing beats that human touch, but using tools such as ChatGPT as a starting point can help bypass that tricky ideation process.

ElevenLabs - Say What?

ElevenLabs is a radical text-to-speech generative AI tool that is streets beyond the old Mac Select FRED speech functionality of the 90s. Rather than a monotonous robotic tone, ElevenLabs has a wide variety of voice options to bring your words to life, but where it truly comes into its own is how it employs artificial intelligence to infer meaning. Rather than having that monotone delivery, this tool is designed to understand the stresses and tones of human speech to deliver true-to-life speech replication. The results are staggering (and a little scary).

With an endless catalog of voices to choose from thanks to delivery options, we have found that ElevenLabs opens a door to new audiences through video ads. Paired either with a static or GIF ad, having that tailored speech brings any ad to life and engages audiences in a more captivating way. We recommend experimenting with different voice options and delivery types to see how your audience responds best when paired with the perfect script. You can even upload samples of a voice (such as your own) and have that form the basis of a voice delivery! Now we don’t even need to talk anymore, I guess.

Fathom - Zoom’s BFF

How often have you sat in a meeting and copiously tried to take notes while trying to pay attention to what is being said at the same time? Doing both is kind of like rubbing your tummy and patting your head, and odds are you’re not doing either at a particularly efficient level. Fathom saw their opportunity and they took it. Post-pandemic meetings are largely being conducted online via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other video conferencing options, so there’s never been a better time to optimize your meeting productivity.

Fathom operates as your personal note-taking assistant, creating highlights and summaries of entire meetings while you have full participation and attention where it needs to be. One of the best post-meeting functionalities without a doubt is full transcripts in-video so you can skip to where you want to rewatch easier and never miss a detail. We use Fathom on all internal and external calls to ensure nothing slips the net, serving us better as a team and our clients to maintain the highest level of thoroughness and attention to detail.

Hemingway - Time to Be Ernest

More than just a spellchecker, Hemingway is the editor every media buyer and copywriter needs. Named after the eponymous author known for his directness and brevity, Hemingway cuts your copy down to the core and tightens it up to deliver your message as efficiently and clearly as humanly possible. Thanks to an AI-generated algorithm, Hemingway never fails to pick up on unnecessary prose no matter the context. As a marketer, the most important thing to be is understood. With Hemingway, we never have to worry about that again. That’s what I call a farewell to harms (sorry).

Midjourney - Imagination Come to Life

Midjourney is an innovative AI-powered image generator that transforms the possibilities of creative content creation. Leveraging advanced algorithms, Midjourney has the ability to generate images that range from stunning visual art to practical design elements. This tool empowers artists, designers, and marketers to streamline their creative processes, produce captivating visuals, and unlock new avenues of expression. Users can input specific parameters, such as color palettes, themes, and image dimensions, to guide Midjourney’s image generation process. By tailoring these inputs, users can ensure that the generated images align with their creative vision and project requirements. You really have to see it to believe it.

Using Midjourney has unlocked a new level for media buyers. No longer reliant on client creatives, we are able to create engaging and dynamic ad creatives in minutes that could have hamstrung the launch process for hours or days before. The key to ad success is varied ad creative, so Midjourney removes that barrier entirely. Just take the time to drill down and perfect the ad creative first, but you’ll be launching new images across multiple campaigns in no time.

Zapier - Aerodynamic Workflow Automation

Zapier is a revolutionary automation tool that connects various web applications and automates workflows, allowing data to flow seamlessly between different apps without requiring any coding expertise. This powerful tool is designed to simplify tasks, enhance productivity, and streamline processes for businesses and individuals alike. Zapier boasts a vast library of integrations with popular web applications across different categories such as CRM, email marketing, project management, e-commerce, social media, and more. Users can select the apps they use regularly and create “Zaps” (automated workflows) between them. Once a Zap is set up, it runs automatically whenever the trigger event occurs. For example, when a new lead is added to your CRM, Zapier can automatically create a new entry in your email marketing list. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors.

We have found Zapier to be an indispensable tool for increasing our efficiency by automating workflows and integrating with our CRM tools. Whether it’s automating lead management, updating customer records, or sharing data across platforms, Zapier empowers us every day by freeing up our time for better uses while taking care of workflow tasks quicker and more efficiently than we could do manually. This one is truly essential.

The Symbiosis of AI Integration

Individually, each AI tool holds distinctive capabilities, addressing specific marketing hurdles. However, their true potency manifests in their symbiotic integration. Take this nightmare scenario for instance; a client has requested a brand new ad campaign launch in the next ten minutes (unlikely but you never know!). They have provided no new content or creative. You are not allowed to use any old creative due to audience fatigue. What do you do?

By using ChatGPT, you are able to storyboard a brand-new ad as well as form the basis of a simple ad script. Using Hemmingway, you are able to optimize that ad script and ensure the core of the message is being communicated as efficiently as possible. Next, you hop to Midjourney and generate the perfect image to match your creative direction. After, you plug the script into ElevenLabs to create a dynamic, attention-grabbing voiceover to pair with the ad imagery. Once it’s launched, you can use Zapier to track ad performance and optimize to increase conversions. And once it’s all done, you can call your client and have a transcript to serve as proof of your victory or generate a summary of action points to continue working on providing the best service possible. How about that?

Embracing the AI-Driven Horizon

As the digital marketing domain continues its metamorphosis, AI tools are transitioning from mere tools to indispensable marketing allies. These tools empower marketers to conceive captivating content, forge intimate customer connections, automate workflows, and steer decisions through data-driven insights. The synergy interwoven among these tools provides a tantalizing glimpse into the future of marketing – one where AI-powered strategies catalyze superior results and nurture profound bonds between brands and consumers. To thrive in this epoch, marketers must wholeheartedly adopt these AI tools, recalibrate their strategies, and seize the vanguard to remain competitive in the perpetually shifting landscape of advertising and marketing. If not, you risk falling behind in pen-and-paper obsoletism. The choice is yours, but we’re banking on AI.

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